our cakes:

beneath our unique, stylised designs you will find only the finest natural ingredients which have been lovingly baked here in the boutique kitchen.

as no preservatives, additives or cake mixes are used, your boutique cupcakes are best enjoyed on their day of arrival, however, they will still taste delicious for 3/4 days if kept stored in their original containers - please, please avoid fridges or tupperware. boutique cupcakes can be frozen they will not taste quite as delicious once defrosted!
whilst none of our cakes contain nuts, we cannot guarantee a nut-free kitchen.
all boutique cupcakes are vegetarian - parev, vegan, egg & gluten free cakes can be made on request (for an additional supplement).
please note: all cupcakes will be sent out as vanilla cakes unless otherwise requested.



here at the boutique cupcake our cakes fall into two main catergories:

"simply sprinkled"


"something special" (with toppers)

to help you understand our what we are talking about we thought we should clarify some boutique definitions!


"simply sprinkled"

... are just that! we offer our 'sprinkled' cupcakes if a variety of styles :

traditional swirls

pressure piping (otherwise known as a 'blob'!)

viennese style icing (side to side)

our 'glitter roses'

"something special"

the boutique cupcake company prides itself on it's "something special" range -

this is what we are truly about - why people come to us & what we are proudest of!

this range includes designs with our 'standard toppers',

please note: our 3d handcrafted toppers come under our 'bespoke range"


these are the hand-made decorations that we create here in the boutique kitchen, they fall into 2 catergories:

"standard" = the vast majority of our toppers fall into this catergory & include all messsages, 'flat' toppers etc (please note: when asking for a wide range of messages/names there will be a surcharge)

"bespoke" = our 3d hand-made toppers or toppers with more intricate detail fall into this catergory

"on buttercream"

just that! this is when our toppers sit on top of 'open' buttercream; (ie when the buttercream can be seen), the style of buttercream is varied and is generally left to our artistic discretion

"on rolled fondant"

we often refer to this as our "rolled fondant range" - this is the range that we recommend when sending our "cupcakes by post"

here the buttercream sits under a layer of rolled fondant which acts as protection for the delicate frosting beneath! this style has a 'cleaner' look.


cupcake flavours:

all cakes will be vanilla unless otherwise requested.

our other 'standard' flavours include chocolate, choc-chip & chocolate choc-chip.

all other flavours will incur an additional cost of £3/dozen, examples of other favours that we offer inc:

red velvet, lemon, carrot cake, coconut

we also offer vegan, dairy & gluten-free cupcakes.

please remember, as each order is made just for you, colours etc may vary slightly to those seen in the photos