free-from anything but design and taste ....

we are thrilled to offer free-from options on most of our products.  being free from dairy, wheat or egg should not mean free from design or taste! all free-from cakes and goodies will leave our kitchen as beautiful and tasty as our regular products.  

sugar-free cakes are a different kettle of fish .... this means avoiding buttercream and sugarpaste making decorating in our usual style virtually impossible.  please call us to discuss options if you need sugar-free goodies.

just make a note at checkout if you would prefer our free-from range, we are afraid there is a small supplement as these are a 'special' order

it should be noted that our free-from cakes are generally more fragile than our regular ones so items such as bouquets will be more risky to send through the post.  if you want to check with us then don't hesitate to call on 0845 544 1955